In Thailand there is a massive market for social media, nearly 70 million people are well versed with apps, online games mobile phones and Social media platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram, but when they want to go global this is where they need help.

Thai people are traditionally shy to ask for help when it comes to English language and reaching out to the digital global Market in business English. We manage one of the largest Facebook groups for English Teaching Thailand and the main topic is how bad the English can come across when at the end of the day even a basic high school student would be happy to help, alas they rarely ask.

Suicide fitness???

B;logging is 99% Thai language when if it was English, they could reach out to the other 7 billion odd people online and grew exponentially with very little outlay. I often ask website owners who sell goods and services online, if someone from say the US wants to buy from you can you sell to them? the answer always is well yes, but what do I say to them if they ask me questions in English?

We are the link between those Thai business who are brave enough to ask and meet the ferlang and get him to help you create an English version that makes sense to the billions of English speakers around the world.

Contact us we have Thai staff who can come along and make you feel comfortable.

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